How to promote your rock band using printed materials.

Even if you think that technology may be displacing printed advertising, promoting your rock band through posters, flyers, brochures, pamphlets and all kinds of images, is still vital.

The rock never dies and is a genre that continues to reinvent itself and mix with other genres to diversify its sounds and keep reaching the ears and hearts of the legions of fans that every day seeks new music to fill their iPods.

Printed Materials For Promoting Band


Learn how to promote your rock band using any kind of printed materials
One of the great advantages offered by the modern era for rock bands, is that it is no longer strictly necessary to have a contract with a famous label to achieve success and fame. There are many means to promote your band, control advertising, maintain independent sense and reach success.

In addition to the promotion in the electronic media, it is important to keep the traditional promotion media in use, and one of the ones that has characterized the independent rock scene are the promotion using printed materials, such as pamphlets, brochures, posters, photographs, flyers, etc. And the best thing is that with a few tools you can get a result of excellent quality.

The first thing you need is a lot of imagination and not be afraid to mix formats, to use classic styles with modern styles, your band is born and you need an original and original image. But do not think you’re going to invent hot water, almost everything has been said in the music scene, it’s not about saying something new, but about saying it in an innovative way. Have friends who are creative, good sketchers, good painters and good photographers, fundamentally. Luckily, these arts are inherent in the new generations. In your hands you have a cell phone with a good camera and the possibilities that it offers, are endless.

You will also need a good graphic designer, the advantage is that the internet is full of tutorials to manage the image editing programs, so you can prepare yourself and create the images you want.

Similarly it is recommended that you have good printers, printing papers of different sizes, to make flayers and make posters. A good scanner could also be very useful for you. Of course, recording equipment is also necessary, with a good camera (which can be, as we said, your cell phone) and good lighting, you can make a professional photo session.

The moment is now, with some basic tools, your band can be promoted using printed materials in a simple and forceful way. They create their own image, their own style and will have their own place in the music scene.